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Plaque post dumped

It is the end of August 2019 and Mick & I have just finished our third tour for the year, starting at Coober Pedy and finishing in Alice Springs. We had some vehicle trouble within the group on the Anne Beadell Highway, mostly the result of after-market equipment not able to withstand the pressures of badly corrugated roads and/or bad information from manufacturers. Over the years we have noticed that most of these experts have limited experience in the western deserts (let the buyer beware). More on that later.

Replica Len post dumped & plaque missing
Replica of Len's post east of Liebig dumped near Alice Springs, the plaque end cut off

On the plaque and post maintenance front, we have much more yet to do, especially on the Sandy Blight Junction Road, but next year will see some of it completed. One disappointment however, was heading east from Sandy Blight Junction we found that the 2004 replica post & plaque of Len's near Liebig bore was missing, the whole post was just gone. The only thing that remained was the tyre that sat around the base. Making our way into Alice Springs however, Mick noticed a white post lying on the side of the road with the top cut off. The next day we went to have a look and sure enough it was the missing post, the plaque end cut off and stolen. Why it was sawn off & dumped there instead of at the site is a mystery. A very disappointing mystery.

Liebig post & plaque in 2013
The same post in situ in 2013

Mick & I will replace it as soon as we can with a steel post and I will make another replica plaque to place onto it. If anyone has any information can they please let us know. Perhaps they know of someone with a new ornament for their front yard.

Safe travels.

Connie Beadell & Mick Hutton.

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