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To celebrate what would have been Len's 100th birthday on 21 April 2023, the Beadell family decided to see how many drawings, paintings and cartoons we could pull together to create this commemorative gallery.

The Beadell Family have also shared some pictures from their private collection that hold a special place in their hearts. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


We acknowledge the many contributors who have contacted us and submitted pictures, even from as far back as 1944 and as recent as 1994.  It has been a very rewarding journey and we are grateful for everyone's generosity in sharing these pictures for all to enjoy.

We know that you will understand that some of these pictures are nearly 80 years old and the quality may not be as good as the more recent ones. All drawings, pictures and paintings are copyright to the Beadell Family. Submissions are still being accepted and high-resolution pictures can be emailed to

Please note: by clicking on the pictures they will open up in a full-size screen and you can scroll through them to see more information. In many cases, people shared a little story to go with each one.

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