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Anne Beadell

Wishing all mother's a Happy Mother's Day

A tribute to our Mum

Anne Beadell 19 May 1941 - 24 November 2010

Anne was born Anne Rosalind Matthews at home in Kingsbury, Warwickshire, UK during WWII, and was evacuated in 1943 along with many other children due to the increasing threats of aerial bombing of London. She spent time with family and eventually immigrated to Australia with her parents in 1960 as 'ten pound poms'. Her family settled in Salisbury, where she soon met the renowned bushman Len Beadell. As it happened, her family rented the house that Len had newly bought.

It was love at first sight. Following the wedding and birth of their first daughter Connie Sue they travelled together, doing reconnaissance trips along what was to be called the Anne Beadell and Connie Sue Highways. They had no doubt that travelling with their five month-old baby was the right thing to do and this set the pattern for the future family bush trips with Len, Anne, Connie, Gary and Jacqueline.

Anne took everything in her stride and formed lifelong friendships wherever she went. She volunteered for Red Cross, Anglicare and was music director for the local church. Her Sunday roasts have been enjoyed by family and friends alike and always 'put the kettle on' for the many travellers passing through to get some trip advice from Lennie.

She was warm and generous in nature, a talented musician and dedicated violin teacher.

She is loved and remembered by all who knew her. ❤️


"For the next five months, Connie and I led a blissful and surreal existence in the bush." Anne Beadell 1998


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