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International Women's Day 2019

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

On International Women's Day we celebrate all women who are adventurers in their own right:

Celebrating Anne Beadell

Anne and Connie Beadell at the Birdwood Motor Museum 2006

'Four-wheel drivers on remote inland roads may have travelled along the Anne Beadell Highway. They would know that it intersects with the Connie Sue Highway north of Cocklebiddy & Rawlinna. They probably also know that these roads were built by the man known as Australia’s last explorer, Len Beadell. Len made more than 6000 km of road in inland Australia to facilitate defence projects at Maralinga and Emu, in remote South Australia.

What they may not know is that in 1962, Anne – Len’s 20 year old wife, fresh from London – and Connie Sue, his 20 week old daughter accompanied him on a surveying trip when these roads were made.

Anne’s mother was sure she would never see her granddaughter again when they set off on their adventure in the desert, but Len assured her that since it was winter they were more likely to freeze to death than to die from heat exhaustion.

With no disposable nappies and allowed only one bag for her personal belongings, Anne set off with Len and Connie in a Land Rover loaded high with food, water, spare parts and surveying gear – and baby essentials – a huge box of toilet rolls and another of Heinz baby food.' Birdwood Museum 2006

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