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Covid-19 strikes again for 2021 Tours

Mick and Connie happy on their May 2021 tour....

The Land Rover having a break from touring, instead hard(er) work on the home farm.

As you may all have guessed, Mick and I have had to cancel our final tour for 2021. Living in NSW certainly has had its drawbacks in regard to Covid lockdowns although we have been pretty safe so far in the Tamworth LGA, especially in Watsons Creek. The recent statewide lockdown put the final nail in the coffin of the last tour however, so we want to once again thank our wonderful friends who are still hoping to get away from it all with us in 2022. We will keep an eye on the situation and hopefully will be able to make some sort of plan for next year, although we suspect that they will need to again be simplified tours that avoid particularly Aboriginal Community access, However, you never know.

Lennie's plaques are going to need some serious maintenance by then......

Stay safe and keep busy!

Best wishes, Connie & Mick.

Photos & text - Connie Beadell.

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